Nov 28th, 2017

I admit, I haven’t fired up Pokemon GO in quite some time, but that doesn’t mean there still isn’t a community of active players around the world keeping the dream alive. A joint effort between PoGO players around the world managed to catch over 3 billion Pokemon as part of game’s Global Catch Challenge. The successful event saw special rewards like Farfetch’d — a once East Asian exclusive — made available to everyone for a short 48 hour time period. Unfortunately, this ended yesterday evening but Niantic isn’t stopping there…

Legendary Pokemon Ho-Oh can now be found in Raid Battles all around the world. Unlike the here-today-gone-tomorrow Farfetch’d, you have a lot more time to catch this new legendary. Niantic says Ho-Oh will be available until December 12th, so if you’re intent on filling out your Pokedex, you’ll want to round up a posse of friends and/or join a Raid Battle near you for your chance at picking him up. Be safe out there, guys.

With Christmas approaching, it’ll be interesting to see what Niantic has planned for their winter event. Last year, Niantic gave us lots of extra bonuses like free egg incubators, an increase in baby Pokemon hatches, and a holiday Pikachu wearing a cute little Santa hat.

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