Sony shares what happens when a new version of Android is released


Whenever a new version of Android is announced, the first thing that we want to know is when that version will be coming to our phones. Sure, Pixel owners are able to get the software update on Day 1, but the rest of us are left waiting and wondering and getting annoyed.

Well, Sony knows this and to celebrate the fact that Android Oreo is rolling out to the Sony Xperia Premium, the company has shared the different phases and steps needed to take before the software arrives on your Xperia device. Instead of just pushing a press-release-like post, Sony has shared a rather fun infographic describing the phases and steps that it takes to push an update.

As you can see in the image above, Phase One is much longer and time-consuming, when compared to Phase 2, and that’s thanks to the various steps needed to take. The process starts a couple of weeks before Google officially releases the software, as the company seeds the update to OEM’s for optimization, as well as making it possible to add the design aesthetics. After Sony has gotten everything working on its devices, and added its own applications and aesthetics, it goes into two steps of “Testing Times”.

Once the testing has been completed, Sony moves into Phase 2, where the company ensures that the software update will work with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi standards. This phase also includes working with “operators” or carriers to ensure that the software will be compatible with the networks and nothing will break once the update is pushed to users. Then, it’s time to launch the software to users, and then Sony continues to listen to feedback from its users, which makes sure that any bugs are squashed and fixes are released.

This is likely similar to most what most OEM’s go through when a new software update is released, but it’s awesome to see Sony give everyone a better idea as to the amount of work needed to push an update.


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