The Galaxy Note 8 is still selling like hot cakes


It’s been a little over a month since the Galaxy Note 8 has been available in Samsung’s home country of South Korea, and it seems that sales are doing pretty well. After receiving more than 800,000 pre-orders for the device, Samsung has announced it has sold more than one million units in South Korea.

Samsung has yet to share the sales numbers for the rest of the world, but these numbers are rather impressive when compared to the now-defunct Galaxy Note 7. For the device that lit the world on fire, Samsung “only” sold around 380,000 pre-orders for the Note 7, putting the Note 8 at double the amount of pre-orders.

As the company looks to maintain the popularity of the Note 8, Samsung has announced a new Maple Gold color variant will be launching in South Korea. This is likely in response to the fact that Apple will begin selling the iPhone 8 in South Korea in the coming days.

There’s no mention of whether the Maple Gold color will be made available elsewhere, but will be selling in South Korea with 64GB of storage and for 1.09 million won ($979). I’m still holding out hope that the gorgeous Deep Sea Blue variant will finally be released to other regions of the world, after being able to see that color variant in person at the Galaxy Note 8 launch event.



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