Cricket is upgrading their cheapest plans with with extra GBs of data


If you’re looking for a cheap cellphone plan to take your brand new unlocked device to (like the Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, Essential Phone, or a vast number of other Androids) Cricket just became a little more enticing. The cellular provider — which is owned by and operates on AT&T’s network — is upgrading their cheapest plans, starting this Sunday, November 5th.

Cricket’s $30/mo 1GB plan will get bumped to 2GB, while the $40/mo 4GB plan jumps up to 5GB. The best part? Prices remain the same, so you’re simply getting more for the money. Cricket is also kicking off a promotion for a limited time. Here are the deets:

  • Our Unlimited 2 plan1 is back, and for a limited time, new and existing Unlimited 2 Plan customers can add up to four (4) lines with unlimited data for just $25 /mo. per line2.
  • Everything is better in pairs. We’re also bringing back the 2 for the $80/mo Unlimited deal on the Unlimited 2 plan
  • You asked, we listened. Add Mobile Hotspot to your Unlimited and Unlimited 2 plans for $10/mo3 on compatible phones.

For more, you can find Cricket’s full list of cell plans by visiting the link below.

Cricket Wireless Plans

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