Carl Pei teases OnePlus 5T’s Portrait Mode with a flawless camera sample


Earlier today, @evleaks tweeted out a high-res render of the upcoming OnePlus 5T. It was only the top half of the device, but it partly confirms the existence of a larger (read: more elongated) 18:9 display inside the same footprint. Is a new display enough to warrant the T moniker? Well, OnePlus founder Carl Pei has been teasing another big upgrade

On this Twitter profile, Pei posted a photo of a young woman with the caption “What phone is he taking that photo with?…” It’s obvious that the OnePlus 5T is being teased, showing off a pretty damn impressive Portrait Mode photo on the phone. It’s not that the original 5’s Portrait Mode was lacking, but the photo definitely looks as if OnePlus has been able to refine the feature which creates a shallow depth of field using software tricks.

Word has it, the OnePlus 5T might feature slightly updated camera hardware, most notably dual-20MP cameras on the back vs the OnePlus 5’s 16MP+20MP setup. It’s also worth mentioning that last year’s OnePlus 3 > 3T upgrade saw a boost in battery capacity, so it’s possible the 5T could squeeze in a few extra mAhs.

Twitter | via DroidHolic

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