OnePlus founder Carl Pei teases mystery phone, likely the OnePlus 5T


OnePlus founder Carl Pei could be teasing the still rumored OnePlus 5T after tweeting a photo taken by a “great camera.” On the surface, it doesn’t sound like much, but the winky-face emoji puts things into perspective. Here’s the tweet in question:

Now, if the photo in question had come from the currently available OnePlus 5, Mr. Pei would have made that clear. No sense in beating around the bush with a phone you’re still actively trying to sell, right? It’s fairly obvious we’re looking at a photo snapped by some new device that Pei doesn’t want to mention by name just yet. According to rumors, that device could be the upcoming OnePlus 5T.

Next month will mark 5 months since the OnePlus 5 went on sale and if OnePlus follows the release schedule for last year’s models, the 5T could be announced during that time. We’ve heard rumors that the phone could skip the T moniker altogether and simply launch as the OnePlus 6, but everything is hearsay at this point.

With all the problems following the Pixel 2 XL and it’s display, the OnePlus 5T (or OnePlus 6) could be the hero we deserve.

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