Oct 25th, 2017

Roku has long been a good way to add streaming services to any TV thanks to its dead simple to use interface, but the company may be looking to expand its services beyond its own first-party hardware. According to a new report from Variety, Roku is seeking to expand its streaming services to third-party platforms like Apple and Google.

Roku has been a hardware revenue-based company since its inception, but this move could signal the company is shifting to a service-based model in order to attract customers who may not need specialized hardware for accessing streaming services. Roku already has apps available on iOS and Android, but they serve as an extra remote control for current Roku hardware.

This new report suggests that Roku could change the way its primary app functions and will offer video playback directly in the app, in addition to its current remote control function for Roku hardware. This wouldn’t be the first time Roku has branched out either, as the company currently has licensing deals with TCL to manufacture TVs using its operating system.

What do you think of Roku becoming a streaming service next to others on Google Play? Would you be more likely to use the service if you don’t already?

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