Instagram now lets 2 people live stream at the same time


Instagram is rolling out a new feature that’s sure to make things more interesting for live stream viewers. Arriving today as version 20+ on Android and iOS, the feature lets live streamers collaborate with their viewers, inviting a lucky someone to join them in live streaming to their followers.

Once invited, both streams will be shown in split screen view, with followers from each joining in on the fun. With two simultaneous live streams, this should help keep things more entertaining and of course, the person who started the stream has control and can remove a guest at any time.

Inviting others is as easy as starting a live stream in the app and tapping the join button. You’ll have to wait for others to join your stream before you can add them, so you might need to let your friends know ahead of time if you want to collab. You can tell when two people have started a live stream with their profile icons stacked on top of each other in the Stories section.

Keep an eye out and if you’d like, try it for yourself by either updating or downloading Instagram on Google Play. The big question is how much longer before more than two streams are allowed?

Download on Google Play

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