New tech lets you unlock devices with the palm of your hand


We have several forms of biometric security on smartphones today. The majority of devices have fingerprint scanners, some have face scanning, and others have more advanced iris scanning. Apple thinks facial recognition is the future of biometric security, but a company in California has other ideas.

“PalmID” is a technology that uses the palm of your hand as the security key. It’s basically like a larger fingerprint, but you don’t press your palm on the phone to be scanned. Instead, you can hold your hand up to the camera, sort of like face unlock. The advantage of PalmID is it can work with almost any camera. The device doesn’t need special hardware.

Any RGB or infrared camera with a resolution of 0.3MP or above can identify a palm in under 100 milliseconds. They claim it’s impossible to fake. One reason why it’s more secure is there aren’t many pictures of your palm floating around the internet. What do you think of this idea? Is it better than face unlock?

[via techcrunch]

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