Pixel 2 supports Bluetooth battery level indicators


Google’s Pixel 2 lineup has support for Bluetooth battery level indicators, allowing you to check the power status of connected devices in a flash. They’re not quite as easy to see as they could be, but they’re there and they’re helpful for supported Bluetooth devices.

Bluetooth headphones and accessories are terrific; a world without cables would be much simpler. But they have their downsides, like when they run out of battery when you weren’t expecting it. If you have a Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL, however, you can now keep an eye on battery status so that you’re prepared.

To do this, simply go into Bluetooth settings to view your paired devices. So long as battery status is supported, your handset will show you how much power is remaining. You don’t need to have Google’s own Pixel Buds for this; lots of third-party accessories are also supported.

Sadly, there isn’t an ongoing notification that lets you see battery level indicators at a glance, and it doesn’t look like you’ll get an alert when battery life is low on a connected device. But we’re hoping this is a change Google will make in a future Oreo update.

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