Samsung Galaxy S9’s fingerprint sensor may return to front as a display notch


While Samsung’s last two flagships don’t have many pain points to speak of, the one glaring issue many seem to return to is the placement of the fingerprint sensor. Adapt to it as you may, but an offset position on the rear simply hasn’t proven to be optimal.

But it seems Samsung isn’t just sitting by and waiting on new tech to do something about it. A new patent shows the company is thinking about including the sensor on the front again.

This time, Samsung would opt to put a “notch” into the display not unlike the ones you see on the Essential phone or — dare we say — the iPhone X. That notch would be at the bottom, though, and it would house the fingerprint sensor, not camera sensors and speakers.

The design would be a declaration by Samsung that they want to keep bezels on Infinity Display phones small, a trait we definitely don’t want to live without after having gotten used to it. But if that means stuff has to start cutting into the display, we wouldn’t blame you for running in the other direction. Let’s just hope the Galaxy S9 is the last Samsung phone we’ll have to deal with this on before Samsung is able to put the scanner beneath the display.

via GalaxyClub

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