Use Google Home to stream your favorite YouTube TV content and get a free Chromecast


The last few weeks have been rather busy for Google as we saw the gigantic announcement during the Pixel 2 event, as well as the rollout of the (FINALLY) updated Google Calendar interface. However, the buck just keeps on rolling as Google has now announced you can use your Google Home device to stream YouTube TV to your television of choice.

Naturally, you must already have a Chromecast plugged into the TV you’re attempting to stream to, but once set up, it’s as simple as saying something like “Ok Google, Play the MLB Game”. Then voila! The game will be streaming directly to your TV and you never have to reach for a remote.

Even better, you can use Google Home to control the content that is playing back on your TV, so you can pause, play, stop, rewind, or fast forward with nothing more than just your voice. This is something that I can see myself using on a regular basis, so it seems to be a great time to jump onboard and give YouTube TV a shot.

What makes all of this even better, is the fact that Google will be giving away a free Chromecast ($35 value) for anyone who signs up for YouTube TV. There’s no mention of how long this promotion will be lasting, so if you want to give YouTube TV a whirl and get a free Chromecast, hit the button below to sign up.

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