Latest Authy beta now features fingerprint support for extra security


I’ve been an Authy user for a long time now, but one of the main missing features for the app is the ability to secure your 2-factor authentication codes directly on your device. So far I’ve been using my OnePlus 5 to do that, as it has a setting that allows you to PIN protect certain apps that don’t offer fingerprint support.

Now it looks like the folks behind Authy have finally decided to add support for fingerprint locking, as the latest Authy beta available on the Google Play Store now has an option for setting up a PIN and fingerprint protection.

You’ll need to sign up to become a beta tester for this version of Authy in order to use the new feature, but it seems like it works pretty well. Once you’ve got your PIN set up, you can get access to all of your 2-factor auth codes with just a tap of your finger to your fingerprint sensor. Hopefully, more services begin supporting fingerprint readers soon, since they’ve been available on phones for years now.

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