Oct 12th, 2017

Back in April, Google announced that Google Home could recognize multiple voices and have different profiles for each user in your home. It’s one of the defining features that set it apart from Amazon Alexa, which is by far the more capable of the two home assistants. Now the feature parity between the two is getting a little bit closer.

Amazon has announced that Alexa can now do the same on the Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Plus and Echo Show. When setting up multiple user profiles, you’ll be asked to read aloud 10 phrases and then Alexa will analyze that data to build your voice profile. Once your voice profile has been recognized, it should be usable with third-party Alexa devices, so you’ll need some type of official Echo device to set it up.

Amazon says the voice profile will continue to be refined as you use it and it can currently be used for calling and messaging, shopping, and the Amazon Music Unlimited Family Plan. You’re limited to Echo devices though, as Fire TV and Amazon Tap don’t yet support voice profiles.

This certainly makes Amazon even more competitive with Google Home. What do you think? Which virtual assistant to you prefer/use?

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