Oct 11th, 2017

You may think the Apple AirPods are iPhone-only headphones, but you may be surprised to know that they can work as Bluetooth earbuds for pretty much any Bluetooth device. Chris even took them for a good spin a while back.

But the AirPods aren’t quite as feature-filled when using them with Android, particularly when it comes to things like activating personal assistants. Thankfully, it’s now possible to do just that thanks to a new app that has hit Google Play.

It’s called AirPodsForGA, an unimaginative name for sure, but one that tells you exactly what it does: it lets you use the AirPods for Google Assistant (or even Samsung Bixby for those who prefer it).

So, adding Google Assistant support to your AirPods is incredibly simple:

The developer notes that this app is designed to work when the screen is off/locked, which shouldn’t be a big deal if you’re using your earbuds to bring up the Google Assistant instead of the phone itself. The limitation is brought on by the way Android handles listening for media button events — if the screen is on, whichever media app you’re using will receive that command and the Google Assistant won’t be able to pick up on it.

But again, if you have your phone’s screen unlocked then you probably weren’t looking to double tap your earbuds anyway. Go ahead and download the app if it sounds like something that could be useful for you.

Download at Google Play

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