Check out this clear Pixel back glass replacement mod [VIDEO]


Last year when Google debuted the Pixel with the Very Blue color, Chris was disappointed that it was only available with a white front. He ended up taking his Very Blue Pixel to an authorized repair shop and had them swap out the white front for a black front that looked truly stunning.

Now Zack of JerryRigEverything fame has decided to see what the original Pixel would look like with the back glass switched out with several different colors.

He starts with a black back glass that looks like it would be the perfect accent on Chris’ modified Pixel before trying out white and then scraping all the paint off of the black glass plate to see what clear would look like. It appears to be a pretty simple mod that you could do yourself if you’re okay with using a hair dryer to separate the back glass that comes on the phone.

What do you think of this new mod?

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