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Last week, Google’s most surprising announcement came in the form of “Google Clips“. This is a new standalone product which uses artificial intelligence to capture moments that otherwise wouldn’t be so easy to snag with just your smartphone.

Despite the announcement during the event, Google failed to share information regarding when Clips would officially be launching. Nonetheless, we now have a pretty good idea of the app icon that will be used for the accompanying application.

This comes thanks to the trademark filing from Google following the event. The icon isn’t anything super special, as it features the color swatch that is present on many of Google’s logos, plus the off-centered camera lens. This pays homage to the offset camera lens that is featured on Google Clips.

We don’t know when Google will be launching Clips or its accompanying application, but those who are excited for the device to launch will be able to get an idea of what app to download once it’s available. If you want to join the waitlist for Google Clips, hit the button below so you can give Google some more of your hard-earned shekels.

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