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Galaxy Note 8: How to save Motion Photos as a 2-sec video clip


Back when Samsung first introduced Motion Photos on the Galaxy S7, they made it extremely easy for users to quickly share the captured video clips with others in either video or GIF formats. Somewhere Samsung lost their way and on the Galaxy S8, S8 Plus, and Note 8 the same share option is no longer there. While it’s still possible to save Motion Photos as a video file on your device, you’ll just to know where to look seeing as how it’s sort of hidden. Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

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How to save and share Motion Photos on the Galaxy Note 8

First things first: you’ll need to enable the Motion photos feature in the settings of the Camera app. Just open the app, tap the settings button (gear icon) in the upper right corner, then scroll down and select Motion photo to switch it on.

From here on out, the Camera app will capture a short video clip along with your photos. It happens in the background — even before you even press the shutter button — to make sure you’re capturing life’s fleeting moments.

Motion photos can only be viewed inside the Gallery app by pressing the PLAY MOTION PHOTO button at the bottom (which actually opens inside another app called Motion photo viewer).

To save a Motion Photo as a video clip, you’ll need to tap the screen once the Motion Photo begins playing. The video will pause and from there, tap the 3-dot menu button and “Save video.” The Motion photo will then be saved and appears in your Gallery right beside the photo it was extracted from.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to to directly share Motion photos as a GIF (like on the Galaxy S7), but there are plenty of apps that will convert a saved video clip into a GIF. Here are a few of my personal favorites:


GIF Maker – GIF Editor

Motion Photo Sharer for S7

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