Oct 4th, 2017

One of the reasons so many Android enthusiasts keep a close eye on Google’s Pixel smartphones is that they’re the quickest way to get your hands on the latest version of Android. Monthly Android distribution numbers put the recently released Android Oreo at just 0.2% of the install base because it’s only available on a handful of devices outside of the Nexus and Pixel line-up.

Google promised two years of hardware and update support with last year’s release of the Pixel line, but they’re upping the ante this year by offering support for a full three years. Both the US and international versions of the phones get the same support period, which means you can expect to see Android R on your Pixel 2 at some point in the future.

With so few manufacturers offering support for their phones even 1 year after release, it’s refreshing to see Google commit to an extra year. What do you think? Does the extra year of support make the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL worth the money versus a competitor? Let us know in the comments.

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