Android Oreo will be the name for Android 8.0


UPDATE: Oreo has been officially announced

For a while now, we’ve been wondering about the official name of Android O. There aren’t a ton of desserts or snacks that start with the letter “O,” except for one very obvious choice: Oreo. Google used a brand name once before with KitKat, but they haven’t done it since. It looks like Oreo is going to be the official name.

Google uploaded a video about Android O on Google+ earlier today. Some eagle eyes noticed that the file name was “GoogleOreo_Teaser_0817_noDroids (1).mp4.” That pretty much confirms Android O will be Oreo. Of course, it’s possible that Google was playing games with us, but they promptly removed the video. Either they’re playing some really in-depth tricks on us or someone made a file naming mistake.

Here’s the video with a new file name. Android Oreo sounds pretty good. And for those of you keeping score at home, here’s how our nickname predictions have panned out so far.

Official name (prediction)

  • Cupcake
  • Donut
  • Eclair (Eclair)
  • Froyo (Frosting)
  • Gingerbread (Gelato)
  • Honeycomb (Honey)
  • Ice Cream Sandwich (Icing)
  • Jellybean (Jelly)
  • Kit Kat (Kiwi)
  • Lollipop (Lemon Meringue Pie)
  • Marshmallow (Marshmallow)
  • Nougat (Nerds would be hilarious)]
  • Oreo (Oatmeal Cookie, Oreo would be better!)

[via Google+]

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