With Oreo yet to come, HMD is already promising Android P updates for Nokia phones


HMD hasn’t started rolling out Oreo to Nokia phones yet and already they’re making promises about Android P. Speaking at an event in the Philippines, an HMD official confirmed they will be updating their current phones to Android P whenever that is made available.

You may be wondering how HMD can be so confident in this happening when we don’t even know anything about Android P. There are a few reasons:

  • They are sticking with a mostly stock experience on all their phones, so there’s not much proprietary code they have to worry about porting and testing.
  • For the same reason as above, they can be fairly certain that their chipsets of choice — of the Snapdragon variety for all but the MediaTek-donning Nokia 3 — will offer the power and software instructions needed to support any forthcoming version of Android.
  • Google’s goal with Android since Jelly Bean and later has been to make it leaner so it can fit on more types of smartphones and long-term regular updates can be a viable goal for OEMs who wish to extend support.

So no, we don’t know anything about Android P and it’s likely HMD doesn’t either, but that doesn’t mean they can’t promise the goods and deliver them when the time comes.

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