Super Mario Run gets a 50% discount and a pretty nice update


Super Mario Run is a pretty good game, though we still haven’t gotten over its ambitious price tag. Nintendo brought the thing out for a whopping $10, which is a tad much for what’s essentially a Mario-painted endless runner.

But that’s no matter right now, because Nintendo actually chopped 50% off its price tag, bringing it down to a cool $5. That’s more like it! We’re not sure if this is a limited time deal or if this price cut is permanent, so you’ll want to jump on it as soon as you can just in case.

We’re also getting some new content to go alongside that. Remix 10 brings in a bundle of new short and sweet Run courses, as well as a hanful of new regular-sized courses. You can also earn yourself Princess Daisy as a playable character, and rock out with your own tunes while you play. If you haven’t already given it a go then be sure to check out the free trial over at Google Play.

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