Samsung updates the Gear Fit 2 to offer continuous heart rate monitoring


Last year, Samsung held an awesome event in the Meat Packing District in NYC to announce its latest fitness wearable, with the Gear Fit 2. The wearable offered a new take on keeping track of your fitness stats while you were working out, in a rather attractive form factor.

Additionally, the Gear Fit 2 offered features such as storage for offline music, and a heart rate monitor which would allow you to check on things at various points throughout the day. However, when the Gear Fit 2 Pro was announced at IFA 2017, Samsung confirmed that its new wearable would be capable of continuous heart rate monitoring.

Now, Samsung is pushing a new update to the standard Gear Fit 2 which brings continuous heart rate monitoring to last year’s fitness tracker. This will allow you check out your heart rate whenever you want to, while also adding “heart rate zones”, which will allow you to view just how hard your heart is working while you’re pumping some iron or going for a run. Here’s a quick breakdown of those different Heart Rate Zones:

  • Heart Rate Zone 1: 50–60% of HR Max – Very Light
  • Heart Rate Zone 2: 60–70% of HR Max – Light
  • Heart Rate Zone 3: 70–80% of HR Max – Moderate
  • Heart Rate Zone 4: 80–90% of HR Max – Hard
  • Heart Rate Zone 5: 90–100% of HR Max – Maximum

Unfortunately, it seems that the update is only available in Indonesia but is planned to be coming to more regions in the near future. We’ll definitely be keeping our eyes peeled for when this comes to the US, and I may end up springing for the original Gear Fit 2 once the update arrives. Let us know what you think about this feature, and if you have received any type of update as of yet.



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