NFL highlights are coming straight to your Facebook timeline


NFL and Facebook have signed a new deal that will allow the social network to publish game highlights and in-depth analysis videos of football games shortly after they finish. The deal is in place for at least 2 years and allows Facebook to get to work immediately.

Here’s a quick rundown of what’s coming:

The NFL will publish NFL Game Recaps and official highlights from all 256 regular season games as well as the playoffs and Super Bowl that will be available to people globally on Facebook.

In addition, NFL Media, the League’s owned and operated media division, will distribute uniquely packaged content from its award-winning production arm, NFL Films, on Facebook’s Watch platform. NFL Turning Point, Sound FX and NFL Game Recaps will be posted each week during the NFL season and available to people in the U.S. on Watch.

People around the world will also be able to tune in by following the NFL Turning Point, Sound FX and NFL Game Recaps Show Pages and can watch highlights from around the League on Facebook by following the NFL or any of its 32 Clubs.

While there is no shortage of places to watch highlights — Twitter and YouTube being among the most popular — getting Facebook into the mix opens up a whole different beast of an audience. The social network has over 2 billion users, a good chunk of which you can bet probably don’t venture into Twitter or YouTube specifically for watching sports highlights. But if it’s at the top of their timeline, why the hell not?

Facebook is already a defacto platform for sharing social videos, with millions of people viewing and hundreds of thousands of them commenting on clips of various types, including comedy clips, news stories, and trivia. You don’t think sports fans would love a more homely place to talk about their beloved sports teams? Guess again. There’s no telling how much this deal is worth just yet, but if it takes off then you can certainly look forward to a long-term partnership between these two juggernauts.

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