Sep 26th, 2017

Amazon has slowly been expanding the reach of its digital personal assistant Alexa and now you can request songs right from the Amazon Music app on both Android and iOS. Amazon’s Echo offerings made Alexa massively popular due to a wide range of devices at different price points and now it looks like Amazon’s host of apps is getting the same treatment.

The new feature is available to users in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Australia for now. You can do things like request a specific song, artist, or music for a variety of activities including road tripping, running, or music for a specific mood. Simply tapping the Alexa button will bring up the listening interface that you see in the third picture above.

This isn’t the first time that Amazon has expanded Alexa on Android either, as earlier this year Alexa support was added to the Amazon Shopping app. Fire TV even got Alexa support to make it easier to control music and your TV shows, so it’s no real surprise that Amazon has continued to expand the assistant’s availability across all of its apps.

If you’re a Prime Member, you already have access to a limited amount of songs on Amazon Music so you can try out Alexa for yourself.

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