Sep 25th, 2017

Apple switched to Bing as its default search provider in 2014 with the release of OS X Yosemite, when Spotlight searches included both local files and Internet results. That extended to Spotlight searches performed by Siri, but it looks like Apple is ready to end the three-year-long experiment.

Here’s Apple’s statement on the switch:

“Switching to Google as the web search provider for Siri, Search within iOS and Spotlight on Mac will allow these services to have a consistent web search experience with the default in Safari. We have strong relationships with Google and Microsoft and remain committed to delivering the best user experience possible.”

So now when Siri can’t figure out what you want and offers you a selection of search results so you can find it yourself, you’ll be taken to Google instead of Bing. That’s a pretty big blow to Microsoft and the timing makes sense since High Sierra is officially available starting today.

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