We’ve got the Galaxy Note 8! [Q&A]


The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is widely seen as the best hardware Android has to offer. Samsung’s kitchen sink approach to the Note 8 sees it jam packed with some of the most advanced technology you can find on a mobile device to date. Everything from face and iris unlock, to water resistance, dual-cameras, and the trademark S Pen, the Galaxy Note 8 finds itself in a unique position to directly take on the iPhone X. Now that we’ve finally got one in hand, we’re ready to see what all the hype is about.

As we prepare for our full review, we really wanted to hear from you guys. The phone wont be officially available in-store for a few more days, but many of you who pre-ordered the device have already received it. What do you think about it so far? Any rants or raves? For those still holding off, we’d love to hear and questions or concerns you may have with the phone as we cover and highlight the features you care about most.

For now, you can check out our unboxing/first impressions video at the top of this post and don’t forget to let us know what you’d like to see in the days moving forward. You can also chat it up with other Android fans over in the Galaxy Note 8 forum either on the web, or by downloading the new app. Link provided below.

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