Sep 11th, 2017

Whenever a major Android software update beings rolling out, it’s sort of a bitter sweet affair. While it’s nice to be one of the first running the latest Android dessert on a Nexus or Google Pixel device, as we’ve seen so many times in the past, you almost always run into bugs or other oddities with the initial rollout. It really is a tale as old as time and something that applies to any sort of major software update, be it Apple or Microsoft’s.

After we saw some Nexus/Pixel users experiencing Bluetooth issues after updating to Oreo, a new bug is rearing its ugly head and seems to be much more annoying. For those who are on cellular plans with a limited amount of data, Android Oreo will do you a solid by letting you know once you’ve reached your mobile data limits. The problem is some carriers offer zero-rated data on specific apps — something Android Oreo apparently has no way of identifying — but instead of providing users with an option to continue using data on a specific apps, they shut off all data services and to tells you via a notification to visit your appropriate carrier website for more info.

The nice part is that a notification let’s users know when data is being cutoff, but there’s really not much they can do after the fact. A Google Pixel community manager did chime in on the issue, letting those affected by the bug know it’s a high priority and Google is already working on a fix.

If you’re experiencing something similar, you’ll have to wait for a new software update to fix the bug but in the meantime, you can help by visiting the thread on Google’s product forum and letting them know the device, your location, and which carrier you’re experiencing the issue.

Pixel User Community | via AndroidPolice

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