Sep 7th, 2017

Smartphone security is a big issue these days. With almost everyone carrying around a computer in their pocket, there are tons of chances for attacks. Samsung, being one of the biggest players in the smartphone market, has to take security very seriously.

Samsung is launching a Mobile Security Rewards program to help bring weaknesses to the forefront. Cash prizes up to $200,000 are on the line if you can find an exploit. There are a few stipulations for qualifying for a prize.

  • You must have a device from this list
  • Must be on the latest software for your device
  • Can’t use a physical connection or 3rd party computer software
  • More conditions can be found here

If you do happen to find something, which is highly unlikely, don’t go blabbing your mouth about it. You can’t discuss the vulnerability until Samsung issues a fix. We’re glad to see Samsung taking security seriously and hopefully, this program uncovers some weaknesses.

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