Sep 7th, 2017

The HTC U11’s Edge Sense technology — a pressure sensitive frame built into the sides of the phone — is one of the most unique features found in the recently released HTC U11. HTC calls it Edge Sense and although gimmick or not, in actual use the squeezy gesture becomes almost indispensable when configured to the right shortcut.

Right now the squeeze action is limited to a handful of shortcuts HTC has programmed into the Edge Sense app, but they’ve slowly been folding in new features. Things like squeezing to take a screenshot, launch an app, or even snap a photo, along with secondary functions when you press and hold the sides of the device.

If that wasn’t enough, soon HTC will allow the user to program just about any action they like within specific apps. HTC is testing custom user actions in the latest beta version of the app which displays a UI over apps and allows you to choose exactly where you want a squeeze action to select. For instance, you can choose the compose a Tweet button in Twitter, or perform a search in Instagram by selecting the appropriate area of the screen. That sorta thing.

The beta update is supposed to roll out tonight, so if you’re already enrolled you should have a chance to play with it before bed. Just don’t expect it to work 100%, it’s still not final yet but really opens up a new realm of possibilities for Edge Sense, bringing it one step closer out of its gimmick phase.

via The Verge

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