Google Voice will soon have its very own ‘Ok Google’ voice command


Attempting to make Google Voice your primary number across all Google apps and services has always been a pain in the butt. One of the biggest problems is when it comes to “Ok Google” voice commands to send a text using your Google Voice number.

Responding to text messages received through your Google Voice number work well enough, but when attempting to compose a new message, “OK Google, send a text message to…” will still send a message through the normal SMS app — thus, your carrier number — no matter if you have Google Voice set as your default text messaging app or not.

Well, don’t worry. It looks like this voice commands are indeed coming to Google Voice. This coming Google Voice/Google Phone (app) Product Manager Jan Jedrzejowicz, who tells a user inquiring about the issue that “OK Google, send a Google Voice message’ coming soon to GV.” While this still wont let you speak “Ok Google, send a message to…” at least being able to call out the Google Voice app to compose a new message is a hell of a start and how most other supported messaging apps work.

For Google Assistant, Google Home, Android Wear, Android Auto who just want to use Google Voice as their primary text messaging service, this is a much needed first step toward interoperability.

Twitter | via Android Police

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