Pick up a 1st gen Samsung Gear 360 camera for only $89 [DEAL]


360-degree cameras are becoming much more popular now that VR has taken off and thanks to the recent release of Samsung’s newest 360-degree camera, the first-gen models have dropped quite a bit in price. The original Samsung Gear 360 camera launched early last year only to be replaced this year by an upgraded version of the camera that supports 4K recording and live-streaming.

Here’s a quick video Joe took exploring the inside of his bird feeder with the original camera.

Amazon has knocked the price of the camera down to just $89 for now, though the price seems to be fluctuating some. Earlier reports suggest it went as low as $78 for some people, but it’s back to hovering in the $89 range. The price of the camera has been steadily dropping over the last few months. Back in February, we posted a deal of $125, so this is still quite a discount from that price.

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