The Galaxy Note 8, LG V30, and more are coming to challenge the smartphone throne


September doesn’t yet have any major changes in store for our list of the best Android smartphones, but with the conclusion of IFA 2017 we can now get a better sense of who will join the late year battle for inclusion among the elite.

The most obvious contenders on the way are the LG V30 and Samsung Galaxy Note 8, the latter of which we know will be here within a couple of short weeks. Both smartphones are perennial residents on our list and we fully expect that trend to continue.

The Galaxy Note 8 will do it with a comprehensive, extensive, exhaustive, and maybe even overabundance of features and good traits. Its near-$1,000 price tag will do it no favors in the market among the budget conscious, but it still should represent the height of smartphone supremacy.

LG will also cement their place as one of the best OEMs on the block right now. The LG G6 was a refreshing step away from gimmicks toward something that felt more refined and less like a novelty, and the LG V30 is following in its footsteps double time.

They ditched the second screen to go with one big (it’s now one big, beautiful OLED panel), but who was really using that? There’s no removable battery, but IP68 water resistance? Wireless charging? Yes and yes, please. And it seems to be a beautiful phone at that, something we can’t always say about LG’s products (especially last year’s LG G5).

Of course, those aren’t the only big launches coming. Sony has a compelling new family of Xperia XZ1 devices with Snapdragon 835 and that signature (or grotesque, we still can’t decide) bezel. There’s also the Essential phone (for all the company’s faults, it’s still one to respect), The new Moto X4, and a whole gaggle of ASUS Zenfone 4 phones to consider. It’ll be tough competition for sure, but that’s what makes it fun, folks. Take a memory snapshot of the way the current landscape looks at the link ahead before things start to get crazy!

Best Android Smartphones September 2017

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