Nest announces a simpler and more affordable smart thermostat


It’s easy to forget that the Nest thermostat is already 6 years old. In that time, the design hasn’t really changed much. The device is also rarely on sale for a lower price. Nest has addressed both of those things with a brand new thermostat called Nest E.

The “E” stands for a lot of different things, but the main thing is “easy.” This is a slimmed down and easier to use Nest thermostat. It doesn’t look like a gadget out of Star Trek anymore. The display is frosted white glass and the ring is white as well. It blends into the room a lot better.

The great thing about the Nest E is that it’s cheaper and has all the features you’d want. For $169 you get all of the great Nest smart stuff, except the “farsight” feature that lights up the display when you’re near it. All of the intelligent features like presence detection, phone control, and smart home integration are still here.

The Nest Thermostat E is available for purchase right now on Nest’s website.

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