5 Best Android Apps of the Week (September 2017 #1)


Every week, hundreds of new Android apps and games are submitted to the Play Store. If you’re not paying attention 24/7, it’s easy to miss some of the best stuff. Each week we will highlight five of the best new or overlooked apps and games. You’re sure to find some hidden gems in these recommendations. Go forth and download!

1. Split-screen Creator

Most Android phones these days can run multiple apps at the same time in split-screen mode. This app allows you to save combinations of split-screen apps to launch right away. Say you like to watch YouTube and browse Twitter at the same time. Create a shortcut to launch both.

DOWNLOAD: Split-screen Creator

  • Price: Free
  • In-app Purchases: Yes
  • Rating: 3.5/5
  • Installs: 100 – 500

2. Libre Music

Libre Music is a simple, well designed, and open source, local media player. It supports all the popular music formats (MP3, FLAC, WAV, etc) and has a dark and light theme. The app is barebones and fast, which is perfect if you just care about listening to music with no gimmicks.

DOWNLOAD: Libre Music

  • Price: Free
  • In-app Purchases: No
  • Rating: Unreleased
  • Installs: 100 – 500

3. AMOLED mnml

One of the best things about OLED displays is the vivid colors and pure blacks. AMOLED mnml is an open source cloud-based wallpaper app with lots of minimalistic wallpapers designed for AMOLED Displays. The app is ad-free and features a material design.


  • Price: Free
  • In-app Purchases: Yes
  • Rating: 4.2/5
  • Installs: 50,000 – 100,000

4. Qubiso

Qubiso is all about rotating shapes to make other shapes. You’re given a bunch of different pieces that can be rotated. The trick is to rotate the pieces to make a bigger shape.It can get pretty difficult when the shapes are bigger, but it’s also relaxing and fun.


  • Price: Free
  • In-app Purchases: Yes
  • Rating: 4.5/5
  • Installs: 1,000 – 5,000

5. WhiteHole

WhiteHole is a defense game and an attacking game. In defense mode, you can collect items to help you in attack mode. In attack mode, you have to ward off the enemies by shooting them. The key to the game is to survive as long as possible.


  • Price: Free
  • In-app Purchases: Yes
  • Rating: 3.8/5
  • Installs: 1,000 – 5,000

More Best Apps & Games

Our Download This series includes the best apps and games you should be downloading. We also have more lists for the best apps and games on Android. Check them out below!

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Ever since I flipped open my first phone I've been obsessed with the devices. I've dabbled in other platforms, but Android is where I feel most at home.

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