Capcom’s Puzzle Fighter sequel is officially headed to Android later this year [VIDEO]


Puzzle Fighter will be forever go down as one of the best fighting game spin-offs that ever was. A collection of characters from Capcom’s fighting game franchises, Puzzle Fighter (better known by its official title: Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo) was a unique, fast-paced take on the tired puzzle genre. It’s been years since the original launched back in 1996 and after all that time, it looks like the title is finally getting a much deserved sequel.

Capcom announced today that Puzzle Fighter will be resurrected as a mobile title, officially headed to Android and iOS devices later this year. It looks like the same gem crushing gameplay will remain intact, with a variety of super deformed (chibi) characters across Capcom’s various IPs. New additions include the ability to choose one main character and two assist characters, real-time versus battles, single player options, and a slew of unlockable content when it hits app stores later this year.

Capcom says a soft launch will hit first, so be on the lookout for more info relating to specific locations in the weeks to come. Maybe I’m looking at this through rose-tinted glasses, but anyone else hyped about this sequel?

via Destructoid

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