The LG V30 has really fast face and voice unlocking [VIDEO]


The LG V30 is finally official and we’ve already dived into our first impressions, camera samples, and battery testing. One thing that we haven’t talked about yet is the new unlocking methods. LG phones already had a bunch of different methods for unlocking, but the V30 has a couple of new ones that you’ll want to use.

The first one is called “Face Print,” which is just a fancy term for face recognition. The V30 certainly isn’t the first phone to have this feature, but it works better than on any phone I’ve used in the past.

Not bad, eh? There are a number of different options for the face unlock. You can have it automatically unlock when you lift your phone in front of your face or require a swipe first. LG also included an “Advanced” mode if you’re worried about people fooling it with photos of your face. One key feature is the ability to improve the recognition by training your face multiple times.

“Voice Print” is a voice recognition feature that can unlock your phone. The great thing about this method is you can use whatever word or phrase you want to unlock the phone. All you have to do is repeat it four times to train the phone. You can set the phrase to fully unlock or just wake up the screen. It’s slightly slower than face unlock, but still works really well.

I’ve never been a big user of these secondary biometric unlocking methods. Fingerprint scanners have gotten so fast and reliable that I don’t see the need. However, I’ve been super impressed with face unlock on the V30. It’s really useful when you can’t easily touch the back of the phone. Voice print is more of a gimmick, but it does actually work great.

What do you think of these security methods? Can you see yourself using Face Print or Voice Print?

Joe Fedewa
Ever since I flipped open my first phone I've been obsessed with the devices. I've dabbled in other platforms, but Android is where I feel most at home.

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