Once again, HTC is thinking about turning Vive into its own company


Last year, HTC mentioned in a financial call that one of their goals was to spin the Vive branch off into its own company in their ongoing efforts to optimize their organizational structure. The move would also keep Vive off the hook should HTC continue to suffer harsher financial woes.

That didn’t immediately happen, but that doesn’t mean HTC isn’t still thinking about it. Bloomberg reports that a Vive spinoff is one of the items back on the table in broader talks about their strategic options going forward.

That doesn’t mean they’re still 100% sold on the idea, but they have to at least consider the possibility and any negatives and positives that go with it. The report suggests HTC will also explore other swathing moves, including a full-on sale of the company (however unlikely that may be). The company is bringing in outside help to drive the research.

Of course, exploring possibilities and actually carrying out actions are two completely different things. Nothing is guaranteed to change as a result of these talks, and we imagine HTC will move carefully if they do decide on anything drastic.

Quentyn Kennemer
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