Aug 21st, 2017 publishUpdated   Sep 20th, 2017, 9:12 am

It’s been quite awhile since we saw the Chromebook Pixel. The last one that launched was Google’s Chromebook Pixel 2015. It was super premium, all-metal laptop, Google’s answer to the Apple MacBook with an equally high-price tag to match. The crown jewel of Chromebooks, it looks Google is finally ready to revive the line with a followup for 2017.

The folks at Android Police have it on good authority that, come next month when Google officially unveils their two new Google Pixel devices, they’ll also have a brand new Chromebook Pixel 2017 to show off. There’s no word on pricing and/or hardware specs, but previous Chromebook Pixels have always showcased the best of Google’s desktop platform, something that always comes with some pretty nice hardware.

It’s being said the new Chromebook could have been born out of Project Bison, Google’s MacBook/Surface competitor that was rumored to run a heavily modified version of Android known as Andromeda. That device was said to come with a convertible 12.3-inch display, 32/128GB of storage, 8/16GB RAM Wacom stylus for a tablet mode, come in under 10mm thick, and starts at $799. Whether this device will now manifest itself as the Chromebook 2017 remains to be seen.

Also briefly mentioned was a smaller version of Google Home, likely a competitor to the Amazon Echo Dot. There’s no info given other than the device will soon exist, so it’s unclear what kind of features the Google Home Mini will come with or pricing.

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