FM Radio is coming to an LG phone near you thanks to NextRadio


Folks on LG’s latest devices like the LG G6 and yesteryear’s flagships have been enjoying FM radio for quite some time. Thankfully, you don’t have to snag those phones if you’re an LG customer wanting in on the same fun.

LG has announced a partnership with NextRadio’s holder TagStation that will have them enabling the FM radio in a variety of applicable LG phones. We’re not sure why LG needed to be wooed by a partnership to do this, but we’re glad it’s happening anyway. NextRadio’s app will also be preloaded on select LG phones, with carrier agreements eventually determining when and where LG can deploy it.

Unfortunately, the details we crave — including which exact phones on which exact carriers — will get it, but we do know it’ll go down in the US, Canada, and some Latin American countries to start. Other undefined countries are said to be coming at a later date.

TagStation was also a bit choppy in their message regarding deployment direction. They say “LG will enable the FM chip in its smartphones going forward,” but we can’t tell if they mean to say this will only apply to smartphones being released in the future or if “going forward” is a colloquial term for LG’s plans in general (in which case we’d hope that older devices could be updated to get the functionality, too). We’ll aim for clarification on that front, so stay tuned.

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