Aug 10th, 2017

One of the baffling decisions Amazon has made in recent years is launching their digital assistant Alexa without proper multi-room audio support. That’s an oversight that will soon be remedied, however, if reports from the German blog Caschsys are to be believed.

According to the report that has been translated, Amazon has completed testing for whole home audio for Echoes, so it will soon be possible to use multiple Echo devices in the home with music synchronized across the devices. The report also says that owners will be able to set up their speakers into groups for Alexa, so you can activate a whole set of speakers with just one command.

This is one advantage that Google Home and Chromecast devices have had over Amazon’s Echo ecosystem, so it’s no wonder Amazon is focusing on making their digital assistant solution more competitive. We still don’t know if third-party solutions like Anker’s recently announced Eufie Genie will be able to take advantage of this, however.

It makes sense that Amazon will be announcing support soon since they are currently offering a deal when you buy two Amazon Echo devices to get $100 off the price.

Do you have an Amazon Echo device? Are you looking forward to being able to set up speaker groups?

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