Jul 31st, 2017

Last month in June, Google rolled out an important feature change to how Google Home handles music. First, it enabled the speaker to function just like a Bluetooth speaker instead of requiring devices to support the Cast feature in order to play music. Second, Google allowed users who uploaded music to Google Play Music to request their uploaded songs and albums.

However, it appears there have been some problems with the second feature that the Google Home team is currently investigating. On the Google Home help forums, several users report that the songs/albums they’ve uploaded can only be played with a subscription to Google Music. Google has acknowledged the issue and says they’re working on a fix.

We’re aware of the issue with uploaded/purchased music and are actively investigating to find a stable solution.

In the meantime, please help us by recreating the issue and submitting feedback from the Google Home app and include the following information in the description:
– The keyword: “GHT3 – Uploaded Music”.
– Brief detailed description of the exact events you’re experiencing.
– Be sure to check the box for “Include screenshot and logs”.

We appreciate everyone’s patience!

There seems to be lots of different issues going on here, as some users report being able to cast their uploaded music to Google Home, but they’re unable to ask for it directly using the “Okay Google, play X album from my music playlist” hot phrase.

Have you experienced any of these issues trying to play your own uploaded music with Google Home? Let us know in the comments.

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