The latest YouTube for Android TV update is just a web wrapper


As a Sony Bravia TV owner, let me tell you, the YouTube app for Android TV isn’t exactly spectacular. It’s slow, it’s laggy, and the most recent update for the app completely killed the native app in favor of a web wrapper for YouTube TV. That’s right, the same interface that you can see online is now the standard interface for YouTube on Android TV.

Not everyone is happy about the update because along with the new “app” just being a web wrapper for YouTube, it also prevents those with branded accounts from being able to log in. Numerous reports on the Google Product Forums show people having issues with the new interface and being unable to login to their accounts. A Google representative has confirmed the issues but offered no real fix.

Hi everyone,

We confirmed that the new version of Android TV isn’t compatible with brand accounts for the moment. Here’s more info on how to troubleshoot account login issues.


Except, the info on the page Marissa links doesn’t really help anyone who has a branded account. So far, Google hasn’t really offered a solution and it seems like this will be the face of YouTube going forward for Android TV users. What do you think of the change? Are you happy or would you prefer to have the old app back?
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