AT&T confirms Galaxy S8 Active in promotion, still not officially announced


Despite several leaks and rumors that have given us a pretty good look at the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 Active, AT&T has yet to make the phone official by announcing it with availability and pricing. We have no idea when Ma Bell will decide to take the wraps off of the device, but some text from a new promotion from the company suggests it could be soon.

AT&T is offering $500 off a Samsung TV when you switch your service to DirecTV and purchase a Samsung Galaxy S8 using the AT&T Next program. Further down on the page, there’s an FAQ with a question that asks which smartphones are eligible for this promotion. Turns out, the unannounced Galaxy S8 Active qualifies.

It’s strange to see a company admit that an unannounced phone is part of a promotion, so perhaps we’ll be getting our first peek at the phone from AT&T soonish. The design of the phone appears to be quite different from last year’s Galaxy S7 Active and it’s been confirmed that the device will feature a flat screen instead of the curved screen found on the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8+.

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