Jul 31st, 2017

Adblocking is a contentious point for many internet users, between those who rely on ad revenue for income and those who hate annoying ads. When asked, plenty of people say they’d be happy to whitelist sites if the ads that were displayed were guaranteed to be unobtrusive.

It’s a sticking point for Google too, since so much of their business relies on displaying ads on sites across the globe. That’s why Google has taken a stance of banning all ad blocking apps on Android from the Google Play Store, but it’s still toying with a native ad blocker for Google Chrome in dev and canary builds.

Google says the ads that will be blocked are the intrusive ads that people most cite as the reason for using an ad blocker in the first place. The standards for what constitutes an “intrusive ad” will be agreed upon by members of the Coalition for Better Ads and Google hopes in the long run, this will dissuade the use of third-party blocking software, which often blocks all ads no matter what.

If you want to try it out for yourself to see which ads will be blocked with the native ad blocker, you can download the Chrome Canary app directly from Google Play.

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