The Essential Phone is going to have an abnormally thick status bar


Creating a “bezel-less” smartphone isn’t quite as easy as people make it out to be. There’s all sorts of challenges engineers face, especially when it comes to the top of a phone where the earpiece, sensors, and front facing camera reside.

For the iPhone 8, leaks have shown a phone covered entirely by the display, save for a cutout surrounding the sensors. The Essential Phone is handled much the same way, only the front facing camera is the only thing killing the bezel-less look (with the exception of the bottom of the phone, which has a pretty normal-sized chin).

It seems weird that there would be an “off limits” section right in the middle of the status bar, but it’s an area of the phone that’s rarely used. Not unless you’re one of those types that allows for millions of notifications to build up before clearing them out. But the front facing camera cutout poses another sort of unique oddity with the Essential Phone.

To compensate for the front facing camera cutout, the status bar now has to remain fairly thick. This keeps the front facing camera from encroaching into your apps, but it just looks kind of weird, especially when posting screenshots online.

Doing the honors today was Essential Phone’s Head of Sales, Jason Mackenzie who posted a screenshot from the device showing the abnormally large status bar. It’s by no means a deal breaker in my book, just a weird character trait you can expect from the Essential Phone and its nearly bezel-less display.

It may not even be that noticeable for those who keep their display size DPI rather large, but for those of us that like things smaller, the super thick status bar on the Essential Phone can be a bit of en eyesore. How do you guys feel about it?

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