Jul 28th, 2017 publishUpdated   Sep 12th, 2021, 1:56 pm

As it stands, only one smartphone on the market can say it supports Netflix’s HDR streaming feature. That phone is the LG G6 thanks to its use of the Dolby Vision HDR standard.

Back when we thought the Galaxy S8 might also get HDR support, we learned that the Galaxy S8 actually doesn’t use either HDR10 or Dolby Vision HDR that Netflix supports, but the Mobile HDR Premium standard meant specifically for smartphones and tablets. This is the suspected reasoning behind Netflix’s current inability to bring the goods to the Galaxy S8.

But things could change by the time the Galaxy Note 8 rolls around, with a Samsung executive reportedly name-dropping the Galaxy Note 8 and noting it will feature “more advanced, richer multimedia functionalities.”

He doesn’t talk specifically about Netflix, but we can’t think of a better improvement to tout richer multimedia functionality than with HDR support. The question is whether Samsung will use one of the currently-employed standards Netflix uses, or if Netflix is the one with the burden of building support for Mobile HDR Premium. We’d imagine the latter is ideal for all parties involved considering the UHD alliance is putting their weight behind smartphone-specific standards, and it would likely allow Galaxy S8 owners to enjoy it sooner.

In either case, it needs to happen, and hopefully it’s happening within the next few months.

[via The Investor]