Here’s what caused the OnePlus 5 emergency number bug


A few days ago we reported that several OnePlus 5 owners were having trouble with their phones rebooting after calling 911. A post on reddit brought the issue to light and since then, several people have confirmed the trouble. OnePlus even acknowledged the issue and promised a quick fix, which has since gone live.

So what caused the issue? Here’s how OnePlus explains it:

The source of this issue was related to a modem memory usage issue that triggered a reboot. This reboot was a random occurrence for some users on VoLTE network where OTDOA protocol was triggered when placing an emergency call.

OnePlus says they worked directly with Qualcomm to get the issue fixed ASAP. This would also explain why the issue was prevalent for some people and not others and it had a lot to do with their location, as some of the original comments on the issue speculated. That also explains why we saw reports from people with different phones experiencing the same issue.

OnePlus 5 owners should have received an OTA update last Friday to fix the issue, if you have not yet received the update you should check now.

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