Jul 19th, 2017

Yesterday we reported on an issue surrounding the OnePlus 5 that seemed to showcase some devices being unable to make an emergency call without rebooting. We linked a Facebook video of the user who discovered the problem with his device and posted it on reddit, but since the community has had a chance to discuss the issue, it’s becoming more and more obvious that it isn’t exclusive to OnePlus 5.

Lots of people posted in the thread to let others know that they were also experiencing failure with devices that couldn’t make emergency calls. Admittedly this is anecdotal evidence, but some of the affected devices include:

Right now, it’s impossible to say what the exact issue is that prevents some devices from making calls and not others. There are even reports in the original thread that OnePlus 5 owners are able to make 911 calls just fine. Others are reporting old devices not being able to call, while others running custom ROMs seem to be able to dial just fine.

It’s sounding more and more like this is an AOSP issue and not just specific manufacturers.

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