The Essential Phone will be released ‘in a few weeks’


The Essential Phone, as intriguing as it sounds (it’s Android creator Andy Rubin’s latest project) is worrying both those who reserved the phone and those considering making a purchase.

As it stands, there’s no actual release date for the Essential Phone, only a comment by Rubin during an interview saying he was planning on shipping the phone within the next 30 days. That was at the end of May. Since then, we watched the phone pass through the FCC, and found out where it’s planning on launching next.

Here we are — much more than 30 days later — and we finally have a more solid timeline to go off of. Up until now it’s been complete silence on the Essential front, but in an email being sent out to customers today (those who reserved the PH-1), Rubin himself says the phone will launch in the next few weeks.

Apparently the final step they’re facing now is the certification process, making sure the phone is 100% working with US carriers. Oddly enough, Rubin is encouraging (disgruntled) customers to use the #thisisessential hashtag on Twitter to show their appreciation for their hard work. Something tells me this wont go according to plan.

If you have your heart on the Essential Phone (PH-1), you can still check it out and reserve one using the button below.

Reserve the Essential Phone

via Owen Williams (Twitter)

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